National Pasta Day

Monday October 17, 2016 is National Pasta Day and Giammarco’s Italian Restaurant in Westerville Ohio is the best place to celebrate the planets most beloved food.

Pasta is Latin for “dough” and according to the National Pasta Association (2016), there are over 600 different shapes of pasta and the average American consumes over 15 pounds a year. Pasta is healthy, versatile and easy to prepare. At Giammarco’s we have over 18 different pasta selections including our award winning lasagna.tn_480_57fca8a8317cd4c50d9e95c1255ece21-png

There is strong evidence that pasta was made as early as 400 B.C. in Italy by an ancient Italian civilization known as the Etruscans. So, sorry Marco Polo, pasta was in Italy long before you had it in China. Although Marco Polo did not introduce pasta to Italy the Chinese have records of pasta being eaten as early as 5,000 B.C. (National Pasta Association, 2016).

It is believed that Thomas Jefferson was one of the first Americans to introduce macaroni to North America in 1789 after serving as our ambassador to France. In 1848 America’s first pasta factory opened up in Brooklyn NY and Americans purchase over 1.3 million pounds of pasta per year. That is enough to wrap the earth in spaghetti 9 times! (NPA, 2016)

Giammarco’s is proud of its pasta and even more proud of its rich Italian heritage. Family recipes, quality ingredients and the love of cooking is the secret the popularity of Giammarco’s and the amazing pasta creations. Come celebrate National Pasta Day and mention this blog and get $5 off your favorite pasta dish.

Mangiare Bene!

Giammarco’s Italian Restaurant Bocce Ball

Bocce Standings thru Week 1

Bocce Standings Thru Week 1
Sunday Won Lost Wednesday Won Lost
Team Vargo 1 0 Cugini Club 1 0
Rolling Rocks 1 0 Team Limoncello 1 0
Fuhgetabocce 1 0 Rolling Stones 1 0
Bada Bings 1 0 Team Gordon 1 0
Titan Logistics 1 0 The Edge 1 0
Bocce Novice 0 1 Bocce Goombas 0 1
Pallino Pals 0 1 Cosmo Girls 0 1
The Boccelorrettes 0 1 “High” Rollers 0 1
Step Back Be-occe 0 1 The Bocce Blaze 0 1
Team Crowe 0 1 Bocce Makes Me Smile 0 1
Monday Won Lost Thursday Won Lost
Cubano’s 1 0 Buckeye Bunch 1 0
Grotto Goodfellas 1 0 Bocce Bombers 1 0
Blue Streakers 1 0 Mission Imbocceball 1 0
Bocce Benders 1 0 Eurchre Slavia 1 0
Jägger Bombers 1 0 Cogan’s Heroes 1 0
Son’s of Italy 0 1 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 0 1
Team Avion 0 1 No Italiano’s 0 1
Bocce Bums 0 1 Sons of Diesel 0 1
I know Jack 0 1 HHM Loansharks 0 1
TK Anchors 0 1 Team Sangria 0 1
Tuesday Won Lost Friday Won Lost
Bocce Bitches 1 0 Boccelism 1 0
Bocce Nuts 1 0 Team Fireball 1 0
Team Genoa 1 0 FOC (Front Office Classroom) 1 0
Housewives of Westerville 1 0 Lets Roll 1 0
Team Delfino 1 0 The Big LaBocce 1 0
Moodz High Rollers 0 1 Knolly Rollers 0 1
The Angels 0 1 Bocce Chicka Bow Wow 0 1
Cannoli Connection 0 1 The Boccelorettes 0 1
NKOTB 0 1 Killer B’s 0 1
Al’s Gang 0 1 Schwed E. Balls 0 1
Giammarco’s Italian Restaurant Bocce Ball Pit

Grotto Bar and Patio

Relax and enjoy yourself in The Grotto Bar or on our Award Winning Patio where a full service bar and all our menu selections are available.
We can accommodate large parties or seat you at a romantic table for two.  We offer an extensive selection of fine table and premium wines, domestic, imported and local craft beers as well as a diverse list of fresh, seasonal handcrafted cocktails.
There is always a great vibe and energy glowing at the Grotto Bar.  Come in and watch the big game on one of our many flat screen TV’s, listen to some live entertainment most nights of the week, enjoy the ambiance of our fire pit, try your hand at some bocce ball on our International regulation court or enjoy some authentic Italian gelato with the kids.  There is something for everyone at Giammarco’s.
Happy hour is Monday through Friday 2pm – 6pm in the Grotto Bar and on the Patio Bar.
Giammarco’s Italian Restaurant

Our Story

Giammarco’s Then…


Giammarco’s was established in 1999 by my Mother’s family (Cua). The Bernardo’s (my wife Marianela and I) acquired the restaurant in 2003. Giammarco’s has been a cornerstone of Westerville and Genoa Township ever since. In fact, next year we will begin our 19th year overall (sixth year in our new location) of providing great food and great times to this wonderful community. I was born and raised in Westerville and met my lovely wife in New Jersey while there for work. After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration, I spent four years living in Italy playing professional football and studying Italian food, wine and culture. Food and Hospitality are our lives. I grew up in this business, my father owned Reno’s Restaurant on Columbus Ave. I have fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning my own Italian restaurant with Giammarco’s.

Marianela & I are happy to report that things are going great!! Our compliments and guest satisfaction feedback is higher than it has ever been in our history. We continually make new physical improvements to our restaurant to enhance your Giammarco’s experience. You will feel like you are dining in a beautiful Italian Villa in Tuscany. We continue to add new and delicious menu items to provide variety to our loyal guests. Recent additions include many new flatbread pizzas, several Gluten-free options and a new “Lighter Side” menu. We also serve several types of fresh fish entrees that are delivered daily.

If you are looking for a great spot to enjoy dinner, drinks, appetizers, homemade desserts, gelato and good friends, then look no further than Giammarco’s. If you enjoy seeing people and being seen, Giammarco’s is the place to be. At Giammrarco’s you will definitely run into old friends and surely make some new ones. Our outdoor patio was nominated by Columbus Alive Magazine readers for the Best of Columbus. Teeming with an outdoor bar, fire pit, bocce league and live music in a beautiful quiet setting surrounded by trees and flowers you will feel at home.
We continue to hire and train the best available staff that we can find. Our focus and number one goal is hospitality. We always do our best to take care of our customers with excellent food and service. We want to make you happy!

Giammarco’s continues our tradition of always giving back and supporting the community. We continue to support and donate to just about every little league, high school, club sport, school, church and fundraiser that you can imagine. We have always found that the people that we support always take care of us!
We hope that you enjoy your Giammarco’s experience and we sincerely thank you for your support.


Tom and Mare

And Now…